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Take Action for Human Rights on the Gulf Coast

As we look across America’s Gulf Coast we still see:

  • Tens of thousands of Katrina survivors unable to realize their right to return home,
  • Thousands of families trapped in toxic FEMA trailers without access to affordable housing;
  • Communities without vital medical facilities and
  • Many more survivors unable to access training and living wage work to finance their family’s recovery and find pathways out of poverty.

But we have a chance to let the new Administration know that such injustices must not continue.

Click here to send a letter demanding human rights for disaster survivors, asking the Administration to take bold action:

President Obama has begun an effort to reconsider how our country should respond to a national disaster. The President has tasked Secretaries Shaun Donovan and Janet Napolitano to lead a Working Group on Long Term Recovery, but unfortunately the group has not included many representatives of low income, minority and immigrant communities, the most vulnerable victims of the storms, in its early consultations.

But they have launched a website to ask Americans what they want from disaster recovery and they are accepting public suggestions until December 15th.

The Trouble the Water community has been part of a growing movement of local elected officials, and community, faith-based and human rights organizations pushing the Administration and Congress to enact innovative policy to partner with Katrina survivors to restore their communities and stand up for human rights.

President Obama has already pledged to fix what was left undone by the Bush Administration after Katrina, and now you can help him make good on this promise. Let’s let the Administration know, we will not let another human rights day pass without meaningful steps to recognize the rights of disaster survivors, along America’s Gulf Coast and across the nation.