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We received a great response when we asked to hear your personal stories and reflections on the film. Below is just a sample of what has been submitted. We'd love to hear from you and learn more about your experience. Take a look below, connect with people through their stories and by sharing your own.

MY 90 YEAR old mother evacuated just before Katrina with my brother and his family. My sister and her family also evacuated. They left behind everything they had including houses. Today all three are dead because of the pain of the moves. I am still trying to restore my mothers home and I know the families of my sister and brother are working on their respective homes also. This has been a difficult time for all of us. We have received no help. This has caused me to wonder what government does for its people. As I view the foreclosure issues and economic downturn, I know we have been abandoned again. - Glynne Gervais

ON AUGUST 2009 at 11 A.M. I lost my grandchild Shanai Green in 25 feet of water. She was three years old. On the same day at 1:00 P.M., I lost my mother Joyce Hilda Green, she was 73 years old. Today, I live in two FEMA trailers and Shaniya and Shamiya come to the Lower Ninth Ward and still see our neighborhood as it was 4 years ago. But we have hope and we know that one day we will have our people and our community back. - Robert Lynn Green, Sr.

...WE EXPECTED FEMA to be there with tarps, MREs, water and ice - as they had been after every other hurricane. No one came...There was no music on the radio, just people calling in begging to know where they could get ice, water and food. We felt abandoned. We felt like our government and our country forgot us. If it weren't for the churches and food banks, many more people would have suffered and died, waiting for FEMA....American citizens should never have to fear for their lives because their government can't be bothered to help them - regardless of their race or socioeconomic status." - Danielle Norwood

ONE QUICK story. I'M from San Diego and I was working in a home in New Orleans during the summer of 2008. My friends and I were putting in a wood floor. As I looked up I saw the child of the family whose house we were working on. She was about four or five years old. I realized that she has never known a home with a floor. For the past three years of her short life she has lived in a FEMA trailer. I told her that the funnest thing to do is to wear socks and slide across a wood floor. She ran away. As we finished the job and we were cleaning up for the day, I looked up, and there was the little girl, standing in the door way, a huge smile on her face, and fresh socks on her feet! She was going to experience, for the first time, stepping (and hopefully eventually sliding) on her own homes floor. It's the little joys in life that these people have missed out on for so many years. - Rev. Christian DeMent

THE REBUILDING of the gulf states matters to me because I am an American, and my brothers and sisters there are still suffering. I hurt inside every time I think about what Bush didn't do to help my fellow Americans in the Gulf States. It doesn't matter that I don't live there. We are all in this together, and, when my brothers and sisters are suffering, my life doesn't feel very good. - J Thomas