Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization, founded and led by homeless people. We are organizing for social justice around issues like housing, police violence, and the shelter-industrial complex. Our name is about challenging images, stigma, media (mis) representation - as well as putting forward an alternative vision of community. Read More


The NOLA Preservation Society's mission is to preserve the cultural legacy of New Orleans through youth outreach across America. New Orleans has fostered many of America's richest cultural art forms. Now, more than ever, the youth of America must become aware of its great historical significance to ensure that these traditions continue for many generations to come. Read More

People for the American Way

People For the American Way is dedicated to making the promise of America real for every American: Equality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. The right to seek justice in a court of law. The right to cast a vote that counts. The American Way. Read More

National Low Income Housing Coalition

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Read More


The SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCIETY YOUTH EDUCATION PROGRAM developed a study guide for Trouble the Water.  Read More

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

Robert F. Kennedy boldly faced tough problems and challenged the comfortable and complacent. To realize his dream of a more just and peaceful world, his family and friends founded a living memorial in 1968. Today the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is dedicated to advancing human rights. Read More

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center is a private, non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to eradicating housing discrimination throughout the greater New Orleans area through education, investigation and enforcement activities.  Read More


The Lower 9th Ward Village is a community-driven, community-led, nonprofit based in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main goal of the Village is to bring together the entire Lower 9th Ward and to empower community members to be self-sufficient and to sustain an equitable quality of life. The Village focuses on connecting the elderly and youth with services and providing care and guidance from the community as a whole. It takes a village… Read More


The Katrina Women’s Response Fund provides strategic support to meet the immediate needs of women of color and low-income women in the Gulf Coast region and ensure that their leadership and priorities are central in both short and long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.  Read More

Gulf Coast Civic Works Project

The Gulf Coast Civic Works Campaign is the national effort to pass HR 4048: The Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, which would create 100,000 jobs for Gulf Coast residents and evacuees to rebuild their communities.  Read More

The Equity and Inclusion Campaign

The Equity and Inclusion Campaign is a nonpartisan policy advocacy and public messaging campaign advocating for fulfillment of the federal commitment to confront persistent poverty and inequity during the Gulf Coast recovery and rebuilding process. Read More


Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Together with individuals and local groups in more than 100 countries, Oxfam saves lives, helps people overcome poverty, and fights for social justice. Oxfam America is an affiliate of Oxfam International. Read More


The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance is a 70-seat performance and workshop space dedicated to presenting cutting edge and challenging works by emerging, evolving and established artists (choreographers, dancers, playwrights, directors, musicians, writers, poets and all performance and visual artists) who are women, people of color and/or from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) community.  Read More


PolicyLink has been applying its Equitable Development approach to the rebuilding efforts on the federal, state and local levels. In collaboration with its Louisiana-based staff and consultants, and relationships with government agencies and community groups, PolicyLink is working to ensure that the policies that guide the rebuilding will result in positive outcomes for impacted residents — particularly for those residents of color and low-income families most vulnerable after the storms.  Read More


HISTORIC GREEN: reservation, meet sustainability Historic Green is about the possibilities. About knowing a place. Respecting its rich heritage for future generations. And seeing the promise of sustainability to create healthier, safer, more livable communities. Historic Green represents a blending of the past, the present and the future. What was, meets what could be. Historic Green is an unprecedented opportunity to integrate sustainable practices with preservation of a place. To increase energy efficiency. To enhance its quality of life, housing and transportation. To protect the wetlands. To help create the nation’s first carbon-neutral community.  Read More

TransAfrica Forum

TRANSAFRICA FORUM is the oldest and largest African American human rights and social justice advocacy organization promoting diversity and equity in the foreign policy arena and justice for the African World. The work of TRANSAFRICA FORUM is summarized by the words from a section of the declaration of the 5th Pan-African Congress (1945), which reads in part: “We believe the success of Afro-Americans is bound up with the emancipation of all African peoples and also other dependent peoples and laboring classes everywhere.”  Read More

Lone Star Legal Aid

Lone Star Legal Aid is has been on the forefront of advocacy for residents impacted by Hurricane Ike in September 2008. As Ike made landfall, the LSLA team mobilized its disaster recovery experts, and so far, the team has traveled thousands of miles across the state, advising and helping Texans wherever possible through mobile offices staffed by the firm's disaster experts at FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) and through the Hurricane Hotline, as well as through help centers in community organizations and churches.  Read More

UNITY of Greater New Orleans

Founded in 1992, UNITY of Greater New Orleans is an award-winning collaborative of 60 agencies. Its mission is to coordinate community partnerships to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness.

UNITY recently led the successful fight for 3000 rent vouchers to be released for some of the regions lowest-income families, including ill and disabled people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Read More


Advocates for Environmental Human Rights (AEHR) is a nonprofit, public interest law firm whose mission is to provide legal services, community organizing support, public education, and campaigns focused on defending and advancing the human right to a healthy environment, and advocating for the human rights of internally displaced Gulf Coast hurricane survivors.  Read More

Color of Change

Color of Change works to strengthen the voices of America’s black populace in the political realm. By strengthening communities, Color of Changes hopes to make the government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans.

Heart-broken by Hurricane Katrina, Color of Change was formed to use the organizing power of the Internet to give Black Americans and our allies a renewed and strengthened political voice. Read More


WITNESS uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. We empower people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change. Read More

Green for All

Our country faces serious times. Fires, floods, foreclosures and now a massive Wall Street bailout are the latest signs that we are caught in twin crises: economic downturn and environmental devastation.

GREEN FOR ALL is dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Founder Van Jones has written "The Green Collar Economy," a new book that proposes elegant solutions for our economic and environmental crises. Please help us use it to create a much-needed national discussion about the best solution to our two biggest problems.  Read More


In more than 40 cities in 25 states across the country, JOBS WITH JUSTICE is building coalitions of labor, religious, student and community organizations to win justice in workplaces and in communities where working families live.  Read More


International human rights standards protect victims of disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Amnesty International USA calls upon authorities in the local, state and federal government to uphold the rights of all Katrina evacuees to return to their homes. We urge officials to provide long-term, healthy, and affordable housing so that survivors can exercise their right to return. Read More


Reelblack/Syncopation is a full-service film and video production company dedicated to creating and promoting “good movies ’bout Black Folks.” Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 1999 by award-winning filmmaker Michael Dennis (a.k.a. Mike D.), who also runs the renowned Reelblack Presents film screening series, which promotes “discoveries and rediscoveries in African-American film.”  Read More


NY2NO is a student led group, designed to raise awareness to our youth as to the injustices that have occoured in New Orleans so that we can work together in solidarity with those most affected by Katrina to: re-build the devastated city, empower those in most need, and combat issues of race, class, and oppression in New Orleans as well as in our own homes.  Read More

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

The ILLINOIS COALITION FOR IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE RIGHTS is a state wide coalition of 130 organizations dedicated to promoting the rights of immigrants and refugees to full and equal participation in the civic, cultural, social, and political life of our diverse society.

For more information, please visit  Read More


ACTIVE VOICE is a team of strategic communication specialists who put powerful media to work for personal and institutional change in communities, workplaces, and campuses across America. Through practical guides, hands-on workshops, stimulating events and key partnerships nationwide, Active Voice moves people from thought to action. By highlighting compelling personal stories and perspectives seldom found in mainstream media, we offer a much-needed outlet to people across America to speak out, listen up, and take the initiative for positive change. Read More

Screening Liberally

SCREENING LIBERALLY promotes progressive films and brings together communities around screenings all across the country. We want to turn Reel Action into Real Action. Screening Liberally is part of Living Liberally, a national network of social events around progressive politics, such as happy hours, book clubs, meals and comedy shows. With nearly 300 chapters in all 50 states, we're helping you make your liberal identity part of your everyday life. Find or start a film group or social gathering near you at /  Read More

Community Renewal Society

Community Renewal Society is a progressive, faith-based organization that works to eliminate race and class barriers. Founded in 1882, Community Renewal informs, organizes and trains both communities and individuals to advocate for social and economic justice. Visit for more information. Read More


KIN is a comprehensive clearinghouse of information and targeted campaigns on behalf of the communities hardest hit by the “perfect storm” of public neglect and private profiteering known as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Read More

World Hunger Year (WHY)

World Hunger Year seeks innovative solutions to hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.

WHY is convinced that solutions to hunger and poverty can be found at the grassroots level.

WHY advances long-term solutions to hunger and poverty by supporting community-based organizations that empower individuals and build self-reliance, i.e., offering job training, education and after school programs; increasing access to housing and healthcare; providing microcredit and entrepreneurial opportunities; teaching people to grow their own food; and assisting small farmers.

WHY connects these organizations to funders, media and legislators.  Read More

Foundation for Louisiana (formerly Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation)

The mission of the Foundation for Louisiana (formerly the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation) is to invest in people and practices that work to reduce vulnerability and build stronger, more sustainable communities statewide.  Read More

The Poverty Initiative

The Poverty Initiative’s mission is to raise up generations of religious and community leaders dedicated to building a social movement to end poverty, led by the poor. In 2008-2009, the Poverty Initiative is focused on re-igniting the Poor People’s Campaign launched in December 1967 by Martin Luther King, Jr. by bringing together leaders of poor communities across racial, gender, and religious lines into a broad-based human rights movement. Read More

The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project

The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project is a grassroots campaign set out to ensure that all city residents have direct input and access to all manner of city policy and budgeting decisions made by city officials and department heads now and into the future.

The Project gives neighborhoods, an opportunity to have direct input into city government priority setting and decision-making. CPP makes it an obligation to neighborhoods insuring they receive information about projects, developments and other issues that impact them before they happen.  Read More

The Labor-Community Strategy Center

The Labor-Community Strategy Center is a multiracial organization with both a think tank and an activist arm.

The Strategy Center's work encompasses all aspects of urban life in the United States: it emphasizes class-conscious labor organizing and fighting for environmental justice and ending climate change, immigrant rights, and first-class transportation, as well as actively confronting the growing criminalization, racialization, and feminization of poverty.  Read More


SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America, with 2 million members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

SEIU members are winning better wages, health care, and more secure jobs for our communities, while uniting their strength with their counterparts around the world to help ensure that workers, not just corporations and CEOs, benefit from today's global economy.  Read More


The ACLU’s mission is to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

The ACLU is well known for coming to the rescue of our nation’s most vulnerable. Through litigation, legislation and community education, the ACLU works to protect free speech, due process, equal protection and the right to privacy of all Americans.  Read More