The seeds of Active Voice (AV) were planted at P.O.V., PBS's ongoing series of independent "point-of-view" nonfiction films. In 1993 then P.O.V. Executive Producer Ellen Schneider developed a model for leveraging the powerful human dimension of these award-winning films. Over the next four years, with support from Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation, she joined forces with media strategists, diversity trainers and facilitators to refine a sustainable model for linking social issue documentaries with community and national organizations. This team launched the Television Race Initiative (TRI), which used programs about race, culture and identity as a framework for community problem solving around issues of domestic race relations. TRI evolved into Active Voice in 2001. A full-service organization, AV maintains close ties with P.O.V. and other PBS programs, while expanding into additional venues, such as broadband, cable, theatrical releases and DVD distribution.

Active Voice