After more than three years, little has changed for the communities hardest hit by the "perfect storm" of public neglect and private profiteering known as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. There is environmental damage, and children are still without schools or safe places to live. Homes and neighborhoods in disrepair while contractors make millions. Yet, basic policies for survivors like victims compensation, restitution, rebuild support much less repair of the levees are still not in place. This is a tragedy and a travesty.

It's Time to Draw the Line. It is clear that we will need to push Congress, the President and the contractors that have profited from this tragedy if things are going to change. We will need to raise our voices, our votes and our wallets to show those in power that we are not taking it anymore. The Katrina Information Network (KIN) is a collaboration of groups in the Gulf and across the country to build power for change. Through e-advocacy, grassroots pressure, local actions, resolutions and selective buying, we can build greater pressure for what's right.

Many of us remember what pulling together like this has achieved. Together, we helped bring down apartheid and forced changes in governments abroad. We can use similar tactics to make change happen right here at home. Become a KIN.