Greetings NOLA Preservationists!


The NOLA Preservation Society's 3rd Annual Trip To The Bayou was a tremendous success because of the hard work and dedication of 52 volunteers! This year's journey went above and beyond expectations because we were able to collaborate with musicians, artists, dancers, teachers, community organizers, activists, folks from the neighborhood, and most importantly the youth of the Crescent City. New Orleans has given so much to America, and now it is time for America to give to New Orleans.


Here's a taste of the collaborative cultural gumbo that was created while we were in NOLA. . .


1) Nine McNair Academic students traveled from Jersey City and provided storytelling and choral singing for the grammar school students at the Freedom School.


2) McNair Academic choir worked alongside the staff at the Freedom school to provide a week long musical theater program. The workshop culminated with a performance at the end of the week with parents and friends of the students in attendance.


3) The McNair students provided academic tutoring for students at the ROOTS OF MUSIC. The ROOTS OF MUSIC is a program teaching New Orleans youth the art of the marching band and provides academic tutoring as well.


4) Six jazz instructors from the NOLA Preservation Society provided music workshops alongside Derek Tabb and his staff at the ROOTS OF MUSIC FOUNDATION.


5) The Community for Urban Dance and Art (CUDA) provided a week-long breakdancing workshop at the Freedom School. CUDA is forging West African dance & modern breaking to help enrich the cultural perspectives of America's youth.


6) Ivan Petrovsky (member of the NOLA Preservation Society art coalition) collaborated with ReX (founder of NOLA Rising) on a beautiful mural with permanent exhibition outdoors. Students from McNair (Jersey City) & Freedom School (New Orleans) worked alongside the artists to make the experience a true COLLABORATION. The mural is entitled "RISE & PRESERVE".


7) Olivia Kaufman (member of the NOLA Preservation art coalition) provided a sculpture workshop while in New Orleans. Olivia and the students at Freedom School built the "FREEDOM WISH HUT" out of recycled bottles (provided by the House of Blues, New Orleans). After the hut was constructed the students at Freedom decorated it with their own personal wishes.


8) Thirty-five volunteers from the NOLA Preservation Society worked alongside Common Ground Relief to rebuild homes, clear lots, assist the homeowners of the Lower Ninth Ward, replant in the wetlands, and aid animal rescue efforts.


Since 8/29/05, college students, religious missionaries, activists, and concerned American citizens have traveled to New Orleans to uplift the people of the Crescent City. Many of these people have spoken of a National Coalition for New Orleans and now it is happening with the NOLA Preservation Society. Help us continue to grow our voice!


New Orleans is a cornucopia of culture. The NOLA Preservation Society is impassioned about nourishing the city of New Orleans, as this is a city that NO CARE FORGOT.