The Labor-Community Strategy Center

The Labor/Community Strategy Center is a multiracial "think tank/act tank" committed to building democratic, internationalist, Left social movements and challenging the ideological, economic, and political domination of transnational capital.

The Strategy Center's work encompasses all aspects of urban life in the United States: it emphasizes class-conscious labor organizing and fighting for environmental justice and ending climate change, immigrant rights, and first-class transportation, as well as actively confronting the growing criminalization, racialization, and feminization of poverty.

The Strategy Center synthesizes grassroots organizing-The Bus Riders Union and Community Rights projects-with education, policy development, and artistic culture production-Strategy Center Publications, The National Center for Transportation Strategies, the National School for Strategic Organizing, Voices from the Frontlines radio show, and AhoraNow periodical-to generate a creative and aggressive response to the growing power of the corporate-led political Right in the United States.

The Strategy Center is committed to multilingual organizing, including the development of multilingual publications, productions, and visuals arts.